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Graduation Thesis

Please read the following instructions carefully during the process of choosing your thesis project.

1.   GRADUATION THESIS PROJECT titles will be announced in our faculty website with the name of a supervisor.

2.   Each student should ensure that his/her THESIS PROJECT-I course is confirmed by the advisor during the "face to face course registration period".

3.   GRADUATION THESIS PROJECT application forms are available and can be downloaded from the faculty websitePlease fill the form carefully and do not forget to sign it.

4.    Each student should choose 5 (not less, not more) THESIS PROJECT titles and put them in order from one to five. This order should follow from the most wanted title as 1 to least wanted title (as 5). 

 5. If you seek a detailed description of a particular thesis project, please contact with the instructor who proposed the title for further explanations.

6. Once the form is complete, then it should be submitted to the  submission box (7B).

7.   If more than one student chooses the same title, then the student with a higher CGPA will be entitled to take that title. Then the second choice of the student will be evaluated again according to his/her CGPA.

8.    A student, 

    a. who could not take any of the chosen topics in his/her application form,

    b. who missed the deadline of the submission of the form

    will have the right to fill a second application form which he/she can choose from the non-assigned thesis topics. These non-assigned thesis topics will be announced by the thesis coordinator and assigned to these students. Thesis coordinator will assign these thesis topics to the students according to their choices in the forms. If one thesis topic is chosen by the same student, thesis coordinator will decide again according to the CGPA of the students. Student with a higher CGPA is privileged to choose that topic.

9.    Students who wish to do their graduation thesis projects in another faculty in EMU or in another university must also submit their forms to the dean’s office including their thesis topics, student information, the contact information of the supervisors and the signatures of the student and the supervisor with a deadline which is the day of the start of the classes for each semester. All relevant forms can be found under `Current Students` section in `Forms`. Deadlines will be declared by the faculty administration at the end of the previous academic year. Signed and scanned forms which are sent via e-mail to the thesis coordinator before the deadline are accepted.                                               

a. These thesis projects should also follow the same deadlines.                                                           

b. These thesis projects will not be funded by EMU.

The full document that contains the rules and guidelines can be reached from the following link.


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