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Make-up Exam Regulations

  1. Students can take the make-up exam only if they submit an official health report to the faculty secretary’s office.
  2. Health reports must be submitted to the secretary’s office within 3 days following the end of the last exam date of the midterm/final exam period. Any health report submitted after the deadline will not be considered (long-term health reports exceeding the deadline are excluded).
  3. Every student who wants to take a make-up exam must fill the “MAKE-UP EXAM APPLICATION FORM” and must attach the original health report to this form and submit it to the secretary’s office.

  4. A health report is considered as official and valid if;               
    • Protocol number is assigned on the health report. Protocol no is a number that the hospital has assigned you for your visit to the hospital on that day. It is the number which is specific only to the patient and to that hospital visit for that day.
    • Although it has been signed by the doctor from the state or private hospital, any doctor notes and statements will not be counted as a health report without the official protocol number on the health report.              
    •  Be aware that prescription is not a health report.                   
    • The health report is official if it is signed and stamped by the doctor.                                                                             
    • Please be aware that, a health report can’t be taken retrospectively (due to the fact that a protocol no can’t be given retrospectively, because it should be given in order).                 
    • Be aware that all health reports are double-checked by the faculty committee; if necessary by a direct contact with the doctor.                                                        
    • If you have been given a health report, that means you have to rest during those days. So, you can’t have another exam covering the duration of your health report.  
    • The health report date/dates, must cover the exam date which the student has missed.            
    • Private doctor’s office or private dentist’s office visits are not accepted.                           
    • The original of the health report must be submitted, copies are not considered.                
    • A health report from the other countries different from TRNC is only considered if the serious health condition occurred during your stay outside the TRNC before the mid-term/final exam period and official health report has been given by the doctor.
  5. All health reports are evaluated by the faculty committee and you can take the make-up exam if only the committee approves your health report.
  6. A student can only submit that health report once. Students will not be allowed to take the health report back, take a protocol number/or correct the missing parts on that health report and submit it again.
  7. Approved and rejected health reports will be announced on the announcement boards.
  8. You can schedule your make-up time with your lecturer (face-to-face or by checking the announcements of that lecture) as soon as you have seen your name on the approved list.

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