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Traineeship Submission Forms

* If students plan to carry out their traineeships, they have to pass the Physiology - 1(MDCN245) course.

* All students must submit required documents to start their traineeship.

* Deadline of the submissions will be announced at the start of each academic year. Do not forget to check the announcement board for updated information.

* For further information about the regulations of traineeship: TRAINEESHIP REGULATIONS

  • There are total of 3 different forms: Compulsory internship form, application letter and confirmation letter which must be filled and submitted with the OFFICIAL STAMP & SIGNATURE from the pharmacy, hospital or company. 
    • 1 ORIGINAL and 2 COPIES of all the forms must be submitted:

  • 2 TL for per working day must be paid to KOOPBANK for each traineeship.
    • 1 ORIGINAL and 2 COPIES of the receipt must be submitted.

  • Additionally, 3 COPIES of the PASSPORT must be submitted.
    • If student will be doing his/her traineeship at ANOTHER COUNTRY other than CYPRUS, a copy of CHECK IN/CHECK OUT dates from the passport are required to be submitted to the faculty, as well.