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Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 2011-2012 academic year and is an English-medium faculty offering M.Pharm. program which takes 5 years composed of 10 semesters as well as Pharm.D. program which takes 6 years composed of 12 semesters.

Our mission as Faculty of Pharmacy of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU);

  • To raise qualified pharmacists and scientists, who have conceived principles and ethical concept of pharmacy profession, have owned top-level international fit out that can serve as first-step health advisor in community health, and have earned property of pursuing the latest scientific and technological progresses in this profession.

  • To contribute to the scientific research in our scope at universal and regional levels

  • To use the obtained knowledge for benefit of the community through pharmacy professional service

  • To become the best and most respected faculty of pharmacy in our region under the roof of a faculty which is able to pass on knowledge necessary for obtaining employment in international drug industry and the other branches of this profession. 

Our vision is to grow excellent individuals, who are appropriate with universal criteria of pharmacy profession, respectful to his/her job, conscientious, helpful to society, owning analytical thinking, inclined to teamwork, and who have earned internationally top-level education and instruction in the scope of pharmaceutical sciences, as well as to serve to exact science and community health. 

Faculty of Pharmacy is proud of being the first academic member accepted by International Pharmacy Federation (FIP) from Cyprus Island and the second one among the Faculties of Pharmacy throughout Turkey. Our faculty is also represented through EMUPSS (Eastern Mediterranean University Pharmacy Students Society) as a member association of ''The International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation'' (IPSF) offering Student Exchange Programme. This allows our students the opportunity to conduct clinical and community pharmacy practice in different countries. At  the same time, with the same organization our faculty has hosted pharmacy students from around the world.

The Faculty has student laboratories equipped with the latest technological and educational infrastructure necessary for pharmaceutical sciences including HPLC, GC-MS, FT-IR, UV spectrophotometer, laminar flow, microwave reactor, tablet machine, dissolution device, granulator, homogenizator, viscosimeter, climate cabinet, incubators, particle sizer, powder mixer, grinder, water baths, microscopes, etc. All of the laboratories are furnished with smart board. The medicinal and aromatic plant garden is arranged in front of the Faculty building for the studies in Pharmaceutical Botany and Pharmacognosy. 

Our laboratory facilities are also competent for higher level of research and, despite of its newly establishment, Faculty of Pharmacy has published approximately 50 scientific papers in the reputed journals recognized by Science Citation Index (SCI). 

Since we have students from 34 countries, Faculty of Pharmacy takes pride in having a multinational student profile and offers an international atmosphere to students in order to be socialized easily. Each year, we regularly celebrate May 14th - "Pharmacists Day" as the "Career Days" focusing on a special topic to bring our students together with exclusive guests from pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and provide them with fruitful a discussion for their future career opportunities. 

Besides, Faculty of Pharmacy organized an international symposium titled "1st Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants – MESMAP 2013" in April, 2013 with participation of about 350 scientists from 30 countries and hosted another symposium (Ecology 2014) at national level on 01-04 May, 2014. 

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