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Frequently Asked Questions For Newly Registered Students

1. Where do I get information about accommodation and scholarship opportunities?

EMU provides accomodation and scholarships for students. You can get  information about accomodation and scholarship by visiting the Prospective Students web site of EMU. For all the scholarship application regulations please visit Rules and Regulations.

2. What is student portal? 

Your student portal provides you information about your course timetable, exam timetable, grades, transcript, attendances, tuition fees, debts etc. 

Registered student can access various information about their education process grouped by:

  • Personal: Shows their personal information as uploaded to the system, to make sure that there is no problem with the information that was handled to the registration office.
  • Academic: Shows the semester grades, a transcript, academic record sheet, attendance and etc…
  • Financial: Shows the new semester's tuition fees, debts if any, and others.

3. How can I access my student portal?

Each student can access his/her student portal after registration by visiting the system administrator, ŞIH OSMAN VEYSAL (Office PHAR112) once to claim his/her password and login information.

4. How do I login to my student portal?

You can log in to your student portal by clicking the link

5. How do I find out who my advisor is? 

If you have finished your paper registration process, welcome to our Faculty. You may check secretary office to check your advisor's name and office number.

6. If I have a problem? Who are the people that can help me sorting it out?
Advisor, dean, student affairs…

7. Where can I find out regulations for course registration?

For course registration regulations, please visit the site Rules-Course_Registration.htm.
8. How to register for courses in my first semester after finishing my paper registration procedure?

Your advisor will help you choosing your courses and groups for the new semester on the specified dates for course confirmation that can be found in the academic calendar..

9. Can I do online registration in my first semester?

Newly registered students have to do their course registration with their advisors for the first time. They can start benefiting from the online registration service starting from their second academic semester.

10. How can I add or drop courses?

The deadlines for adding a course and withdrawal from a course are announced in the academic calendar. During the deadlines, you can add and/or drop courses from your student portal online. All adds and drops must be approved by the advisor.

11. Can I change my already confirmed courses without going to my advisor?

Confirmed courses can only be changed by the advisor during the Add/Drop period.

12. How to check my grades, attendance, debts, etc. ?

You can check your grades, attandances, debts etc. using your student portal online.

13. Where can I find out regulations for examinations and assessment?

You can find the regulations for examinations and assesment in our Regulations for examination site.

14. Can I check my exam paper?

You can check your exam paper on the the dates announced by the course instructor. You should check the announcement board.

15. Can I take makeup exam for an examination I failed to sit?

Students, who miss the midterm exam with legitimate and documented excuses, may be eligible for a make-up exam. In order to be able to take the make-up exam, valid documentations (such as a medical report) should be provided to the Department Administration (secretary) within 3 working days of the scheduled exam that was missed. It is the students' responsibility to check with the Department for the make-up schedule from the announcement boards. 

16. Can I take makeup exam for final exams?

Students who miss the final exam will not have a make-up exam but may take the re-sit exam instead. 

17. When are the makeup exams?

Dates for the individual makeup exams are announced by the course instructor on the announcement board. It is the students’ responsibility to check with the Department/announcement boards for the make-up schedule.

18. If am not happy with my midterm exam grade. Can I take a makeup exam?

Students who already entered their midterm exam cannot take the makeup exam.

19. What is summer school?

Summer school gives the opportunity to those students having the right to attend the university, to become regular, having failed certain courses before and thus currently having an irregular status and gives the opportunity to successful students wishing to complete the program in which they are registered in less than the normal period of study.

For the regulations please visit Regulations for Summer School.

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