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Surajudeen Shittu

Graduated from Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) program of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in June 2018.


 I have been an alumni of the prestigious Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Faculty of Pharmacy since my graduation in Spring 2018. EMU has prepared me for success in various areas of pharmacy from practice to research, to mention a few. This has enabled me to navigate the pharmacy discipline specifically in research and pharmacy practice with confident that my undergraduate pharmacy program at EMU had prepared me for success. I am currently a Master of Applied Health Service Research student at the University of New Brunswick, Canada expanding on my research knowledge, the foundation of which can only be attributed to EMU. With structured didactic curriculum and moralizing interactions with excellent faculty members, EMU has been instrumental in helping me identify the area of pharmacy I am passionate about. This is like helping you find that pearl for you to take on the world.

 EMU as a community is diverse as the wealth of international culture in one campus (well, North and South Campus) gives you the opportunity to meet, interact and make life-long connections with brilliant and amazing people coming from around the globe.

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