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Frequently Asked Questions For Prospective & Transfer Students

1. Why should I choose EMU Faculty of Pharmacy?

EMU Pharmacy faculty is an English-medium faculty offering B.Pharm. and  Pharm.D. program. Faculty of Pharmacy is the first academic member accepted by FIP (International Pharmacy Federation) from Cyprus Island and the second one among the Faculties of Pharmacy throughout Turkey and North Cyprus. Faculty of pharmacy is committed to the development and  delivery of excellent education  and training. Students learn from the scientists and clinicians who are internationally recognized in their fields of research. Both pharmacy programs are tailored with laboratory practices. Our laboratory facilities are also competent for higher level of research.   Since we have students from 34 countries, Faculty of Pharmacy takes pride in having a multinational student profile and offers an international atmosphere to students in order to be socialized easily.

2. What are the fees for newly registered students?

You can get more detailed and accurate information about the fees by visiting the Prospective Students web site of EMU.

3. Where do I get information about accommodation and scholarship opportunities?

EMU provides accomodation and scholarships for students. You can get  information about accomodation and scholarship by visiting the Prospective Students web site of EMU. For all the scholarship application regulations please visit Rules and Regulations.

4. I am currently a student in another university, can I transfer to EMU? Will I be exempted from any courses?

Yes, you can. For detailed information about the course exemptions and equivalency refer to Regulations for Exemptions and Equivalency.


5. How much is the tuition fee?

When compared with other world leading universities, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) has a very reasonable tuition fee plan for her students, making it so possible for them to get their dreamt international careers come-through. Not only that the tuition fee is affordable, students of EMU on the other hand, enjoy scholarships depending on their academic, sporting, and exceptional qualities they possess, diming it fit for them to actualize their dreams. Tuition Fee Calculator


6. Do I require a visa to enter North Cyprus?

 Depending on your country, you may require a visa to enter any Turkish Territory (North Cyprus Inclusive), as stipulated by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Therefore, it is advisable to go through their website (link provided), and find out if your country is included for a visa or not.


7. Do you offer The International Summer School?

Affirmatively we do! Every year, EMU International Summer School runs a full range of courses and extra afternoon clubs to improve participants' language skills. Besides, a wide range of cultural, artistic and sports activities and trips are also offered throughout day and night. The courses are offered in the university's extensively large and amazing campus. The main campus is located 5 minutes driving distance from the university's private recreational complex EMU Beach Club, which is located on the sea side with a wonderful view of the pure Mediterranean Sea. Eastern Mediterranean University is a scientific, cultural and educational center of Northern Cyprus which is internationally recognized and has a worthy place in the world's high quality universities. Summer School Website


8. Are there orientation programs for new students?

Eastern Mediterranean University (a safe multicultural environment), offers orientation programs to her new students knowing full well first impressions are important since they establish the basis for everything that follows. Without orientation, a new student sometimes feels uncomfortable in his/her new environment and takes longer to reach his/her full potential.

The Personal-Social Integration of our new students is a main goal to reach during the orientation days. This will involve providing students with information about the institution's values, behavioral norms, support services, and better acquaintance with other new students, current students, faculty, and staff. Therefore, events, seminars and campus tours are organized to this end.

Do Join, Belong and Learn!!! Orientation Days


9. What are the important dates to know and follow in EMU?

 Basically in every academic semester, there are very important dates to know and follow before and during the semester. From dates like registration period, to class commencing period, to English placement date (for new students), to last day for add/drop, to public holidays, to examination schedules, they are necessary for students' awareness in order to keep to time and fall behind time during the semester. Yearly arrangement can be seen at Academic Calendar.


10. Are EMU programs internationally recognized?

All programs of EMU are accredited by YODAK (local higher education council in North Cyprus) and YOK (Higher Education Council of Turkey). Whilst following national standards and paying special attention to quality in education, EMU also sees international accreditation as a foundation for its development. Most of the programs at EMU are further accredited by independent organizations like ABET, ASIIN, EDEXCEL and TEDQUAL.

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