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Faculty of Pharmacy publications indexed in AHCI/SSCI/SCI/SCI Expanded journals, 2018:

1. Mine K, Salvatore B, Cristina S, Neriman O.(2018), Allium istanbulense, a new autumnal species of A. Sect. Codonoprasum (Amaryllidaceae) from Turkey and its taxonomic position among allied species. Phytotaxa 334(2):152-166.

2. Kosar M, Batul D, Fatih G, Kara I, Baser K.H.C.  (2018),Volatile composition, antioxidant activity, and antioxidant components in saffron cultivated in Turkey, International Journal of Food Properties, 20:sup1, S746-S754.

3. Ayşe B,  Betül D,  Mehmet Y. P,  Selen İ, Müberra K, Kemal H.C.B,  Fatih D. (2018), Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil and Antimicrobial Activity of Scaligeria DC. Taxa and Implications for Taxonomy. Records of Natural Products, 12:(1)14-28.

4. Gulcan H.O, Ercetin T, Kilic B,  Aksakal F, Oruklu N, Umit B. E, Dogruer D.S. (2018), Design and synthesis of some new carboxamide and propanamide derivatives bearing phenylpyridazine as a core ring and the investigation of their inhibitory potential on in-vitro acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase. Bioorg Chem. 79:235-249

5. Bahar G, Jan K, Jan Š, Neriman O. (2018),  Contributions to the genus Taraxacum (Asteraceae) — five new species records for the flora of Turkey, Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant. Biology, 152:(4) 873-879.

Faculty of Pharmacy publications indexed in AHCI/SSCI/SCI/SCI Expanded journals, 2017:

1. Özhatay N. and Kayiran S.D. (2017), A karyomorphological study on the genus Muscari Mill. growing in Kahramanmaras (Turkey). Turkish Journal of Botany.  41:(3) 289-298. 

2. Özhatay N. and Kayiran S.D. (2017), Karyomorphological contribution to the genus Bellevalia (Asparagaceae) in Turkey. Pakistan Journal of Botany. 49(4):1345-1350.

3. Gurdal E.E, Turgutalp B, Gulcan H.O, Ercetin T, Sahin M.F, Durmaz I, Atalay R.C, Nguyen Q.D, Sippl W, Yarim M. (2017), Synthesis of Novel Benzothiazole-Piperazine Derivatives and Their Biological Evaluation as Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors and Cytotoxic Agents. Anticancer Agents Med Chem. 17(13):1837-1845.