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Ceren Simitcioglu

Graduated from Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) program from Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in June 2018. 


In the recent two years, I have come a long way and improved myself a lot, owing to the education I have received from EMU. After graduating from B.Pharm program in EMU, I got accepted to study MSc in Toxicology, in University of Birmingham (UOB), United Kingdom.

 Throughout my master's degree, I have completed modules in hospitals and in companies like Unilever, that demonstrated real life experience in toxicology. After completing my courses, I started my research project to investigate the role of a novel protein, in the protection of head & neck cancer cells from a chemotherapeutic agent (i.e. Cisplatin). Although it was an intense period in a foreign country, I was able to graduate from MSc in Toxicology with Merit.

Two months after my graduation, I was able to start working in the nicotine industry as a toxicologist. My job includes interpretation of non-clinical data and preparing documents that go into regulatory submissions in United States, United Kingdom and European Union countries.

Today, still I am using my knowledge from pharmacology to pharmacognosy lectures, which I have received during my multi-disciplinary undergraduate degree in EMU. In EMU, we were not only taught courses by our lecturer, but we also had the chance to improve our personal skills. I would like to express my gratitude for EMU Pharmacy faculty, for providing such an excellence in education.

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