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Thesis Proposal Forms for B.Pharm and Pharm D.

Published Date: Thursday, 31 January 2019
  1. Students who want to do their graduation thesis projects in another faculty in EMU or in another university must submit their forms to the dean's office including their thesis topics, student information, the contact information of the supervisors and the signatures of the student and the supervisor with a deadline which is the day of the start of the classes for each semester. Deadlines will be declared by the faculty administration at the end of the previous academic year. Signed and scanned forms which are sent via e-mail to the thesis coordinator (Vildan Burgaz) before the deadline are accepted.

  2. Forms for students who want to do their thesis in another faculty, university or institute other than EMU, faculty of Pharmacy must be submitted to the dean’s office by 18/02/2019  for 2018-2019 Spring semester.