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Published Date: Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Below you will find some routine problems encountered each semester. In order to prevent misunderstanding and handle the problems, this paper is prepared for the attention of Faculty of Pharmacy students. Please read carefully.


  1. DO NOT ask your advisor for confirmation and completion of your registration without your presence during the registration period. This is ILLEGAL. Students who are not present at the arranged times of face to face completion of registration are subjected to pay LATE REGISTRTAION FEE.
  2. Always check the academic calendar and the announcement boards of our faculty. Student portal, EMU web mail is accessible from and the academic calendar is accessible from the university website.
  3. The Faculty of Pharmacy has an official web page (, which contains news and announcements page. Each day do follow that page for all announcements. In addition, the boards placed at the entrance and the third floors are utilized to post the announcements. Please do follow them.
  4. POLICY ON MISSED EXAMS: MAKE-UP right after a missed mid-term and final exams is only provided to those students who provide an official health report to the faculty secretary. Permission to take the MAKE-UP exam will be discussed by the faculty committee.  Faculty committee owns the right to refuse your health report. Students can not take make up exam for both midterm and final exams of the same course. Those students get "NG".
  5. Official health reports should be submitted within 3 days following the date of the examination.
  6. MAKE-UP exams will replace the exam you missed. Only students who miss an exam and have the faculty committe permission can take the make-up exam. Students are expected to take make-up examinations at the assigned time by their course lecturer(s).
  7. Make-up exams can be in a different format from the exam it is replacing. Format of the exam is decided by the course lecturer(s).             
  8. Students MUST ATTEND the registered courses, laboratory, tutorial and/or practice required by the related course instructor.  Student attendance is monitored and assessed by the course instructor.  A student who fails to meet the requirements of a course or who is absent more than the limit specified by the course instructor is considered to be unsuccessful in related course. LEARN THE ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT(S) FOR THE COURSE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER FROM THE COURSE INSTRUCTOR.
  9. For courses having laboratory practices, students must attend to at least 70% of lab practices. There is no make-up right for lab. Otherwise, you will fail the whole course.
  10. Students who have failed the lab session of the course will obtain an 'NG' and are not allowed to take the final or resit exam.
  11. To check the academic calendar before the new semester and regularly during the semester is very crucial to be aware of some important dates and deadlines. Please get used to checking the academic calendar regularly.
  12. Please read the disciplinary rules of EMU from "" web site (available in English and Turkish).
  13. Please check the office hours and weekly schedule of the course instructors/assistants from their office doors or secretary office.
  14. Please read and understand the Faculty-related regulations from official website of Faculty of Pharmacy EMU before asking questions to your advisor or course instructor.