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My SEP in Cyprus was much more than I could ever wish. On weekends we visited several castles, historical places and different beaches. We saw the magnificent nature of Cyprus and learned about the long history of the island. We spent our free afternoons and nights wondering around Famagusta, laying on beaches, swimming in the salty sea and exploring Cyprus. I learned and got some new skills during my research and the educational part of the Programme. I met amazing people who made every part of this journey even better. As SEP students were from different countries and Eastern Mediterranean University is a hub of international students from different parts of the world, we got to know about different cultures and traditions. Now I have friends from all over the world and lots of memories full of happiness and fun.
Kelli Randmäe, Estonia.



Cyprus was one of the best decisions of the year. Perfect weather, beach, fun people, great pharmacy experience. The island itself is wonderful. The campus is very well protected and the dormitories are cozy. It was easy to organize our food supplies because in the campus there was everything we needed for a comfortable stay. I wish we had a similar system back in Hungary as well! Even more amazing the Beach was just 20 mins away from the dormitory I stayed in!!!There were several programs organized for us such as trips to neighbouring cities, historical sites, different beaches and of course I tried out some tasty traditional dishes. I built life-long friendships during SEP in Cyprus. Learned the different pharmacy systems in various countries from fellow SEPers and EMU Students especially the changes in the community pharmacy field. To be honest I was very lucky with the actual practice as well. Through the internship I was paired with the nicest polish girl and we had a very good pharmacist. She spoke excellent English so we could ask anything from her. To sum it all up, I'm so thankful I made friends for a lifetime and I will definitely want to go back to Cyprus as soon as I can. 
Kenéz Nóra, Hungary 



When choosing our SEP destination, we followed great recommendation about EMUPPS and Cyprus and we were not disappointed! We were immediately paired with an internship in departments we were each interested in, which was our main goal.  But more than that, we got to spend three weeks at a beautiful beach and thanks to the SEPinCyprus-Team we spent each weekend on short trips and in this way, we explored the country a little bit. Even though we were in a second group coming to Cyprus that summer, we were treated with the same trips and experiences as the first group and the SEP Team took a great care of us!

Boris dudík and Margaréta marušáková, Slovakia


SEP in Cyprus exceeded all my expectations and was such a great experience. Everyone from the organization tried their best to make us feel comfortable. It was never boring because there were many activities planned and we always had something to do. I was doing research at the faculty and the professor was very welcoming and enthusiastic about the work. After the work was done, I could go to the beach or to the old town with other SEP students so every day was filled with activities. 
I loved meeting people from other countries and I learned a lot about their cultures which was very interesting. I cannot think of anything I would change about my experience and would really recommend SEP in Cyprus. 
Lastly, I'd like to thank my LEO Ayad and SEO Miracle for all the help and hard work they did for me and other students during this SEP. It was truly an experience I'll never forget. 

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