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Traineeship Completion Requirements

All students must submit a completion(evaluation) letter and a daily activity report at the end of each traineeship.

*The PRACTICE REPORT must be submitted on the graduation semester for B. PHARM. students and 11th semester and graduation semester for PHARM D. students. (Please, read the regulations for further information.)

Deadline of the submissions will be announced at the start of each academic year. Do not forget to check the announcement board for updated information.


  • Students have to submit a specific completion(evaluation) letter depending on the type of traineeship (community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy or industrial company) at the end of the each traineeship.

  • Completion(evaluation) letters must be filled by the authorized official with an OFFICIAL SIGNATURE & STAMP at the end. The letters must be submitted within an ENVELOPE.


  • Students have to submit daily activity report that has been completed at the end of the each traineeship.

  • Only a SINGLE 'Daily Activity Report Cover Sheet' is required for each traineeship.
  • Each 'Daily Activity Report Blank Page' consists of 3 different working daysDaily activity must be filled for each day of the traineeship. 
  • Additionally, If the student has done his/her traineeship at ANOTHER COUNTRY other than CYPRUS, a copy of CHECK IN/CHECK OUT dates from the passport are required to be submitted to the faculty, as well.


  • Students have to submit a specific report depending on the type of traineeship (community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy or industrial company) that has been completed. 

  • These reports will ONLY be submitted on the graduation semester for B. PHARM. students and 11th semester and graduation semester for PHARM. D. students. (Please, read the regulations for additional information.)

  • The report must have a cover page and the questions must be answered by the students. The report must be in the form of question & answer (pictures can be added to the report if they are related with the questions).
    • The report must be submitted in the form of a BOOKLET (a sample can be checked on the traineeship announcement board at faculty of pharmacy).
    • THE PRACTICE REPORT COVER SHEET: Traineeship Practice Report Cover Sheet.pdf

*For further information about the regulations of traineeship: TRAINEESHIP REGULATIONS

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